Charlie began his hairdressing career in Cheltenham Gloucestershire and London before relocating to Sydney, Australia where he owns his own salon. He has over 10 years' experience in the hair industry and is highly sought after for his expertise in all aspects of hairdressing.

From brushes and combs to natural extensions, Enhance It has everything you need to have the hair you've always dreamed of.

Invisible Tape-In Extensions that blend so seamlessly, no one will know it's not your hair!

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Product Information

Yes! We would be more than happy to help. In order to find the best match for you, we will need you to send through 2-3 images of your hair to
Please ensure the photos are taken in natural lighting, without filters or a camera flash.
We will do our best to provide a recommendation for the colour that will match your hair, but please note that without seeing your hair in person, we cannot guarantee that there will be no disparity in the colour.
Colour swatch rings are available to purchase in the shop, so you can match your hair more precisely.

Remy Human Hair is ideal for clients who want professional hair extensions. Remy hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layer of the cuticles remain intact and are facing in the same direction from root to tip. Ensuring natural shine and vitality allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Because the cuticle is left intact, Remy Human Hair extensions also last longer than non-remy hair.

The lifespan of any hair extensions depends on the aftercare and maintenance. We only recommend the use professional products on our hair extensions. All professional extensions require regular maintenance. The correct aftercare and maintenance will increase the lifespan of the hair.

Yes! All Enhance It hair extensions are made with human hair which can be heat styled,or styled with products, just as your natural hair can. Please note that extensions are not immune to the effects of heat damage, and heat protection spray should be used. Temperatures over 180c Should not be used on the extensions.

We recommend that you do not colour your extensions. This can compromise the cuticle sealant on the extensions which helps to protect them and give them shine.
To avoid the need to colour your extensions, please contact us for colour matching services.

Any colouring services performed on the extensions is done at your own risk. Enhance It by Charlie Greening does not accept any liability for extensions that have been lightened, coloured, or tinted.

Caring For Your Extensions

Your extensions are human hair, and should be cared for as such. Use only professional shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products. When heat-styling your extensions, be conscious of the temperatures you are using, and do not go above 180°.

If you have your extensions removed for any period of time, ensure that they are stored neatly and flat (it can be a good idea to put them in a plait) so they do not get tangled which can cause undue breakage.

Avoid submerging your extensions when swimming in a pool or the ocean, as the salt nd chemicals can discolour and weaken your extensions.

We recommend using the Deluxe Paddle Brush on your extensions. This brush has been specially designed to be gentle on your extensions, while still being able to detangle stubborn hair.
When brushing your hair with extensions in, begin brushing at the ends, and slowly move up. Hold firmly at the top of the extension to ensure that you are not causing the extension to slip, or pull on your natural hair.

Rule number one when washing hair extensions is to use the right products. Your normal shampoo and conditioner might not be the best for your extensions since they aren’t as hydrated and nourished as real hair.

The shampoo that you wash your extensions with must be free of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals. Keep an eye out for shampoos and conditioners that specifically work to moisturise. We recommend Davroe's Moisture Senses line, or Repair Senses line. It is a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove buildup from products and pollution.

The next thing to keep in mind is how gentle you have to be. Don’t pull, tug, or rub too hard on the extensions as these can all cause shedding and breakage. When washing your extensions, always use cool to lukewarm water. Never use extremely hot water as it can cause damage. After washing, always gently pat your hair and extensions with a microfiber towel that won’t pull any strands out.

We recommend speaking withyour extension specialist about which, if any, purple shampoo will be suitable for your extensions.

Common Concerns

Hair extensions will
generally experience a bit of colour fade over time as they are made from 100%
Remy human hair. This fade should be gradual, and not a distinct discolouration.
If you hair extensions have turned a pink or orange tone, or even green, this
is a common result of coming into contact with chlorinated water. We do not
recommend exposing your hair to chlorinated water, and you should always tie
your hair up when swimming and do not submerge your extensions. If using sunscreen,
spray/fake tan, or perfume, ensure your hair is tied up away from the areas
where it is being applied.
If your blonde hair extensions have turned brassy, consult your hairdresser or extensions specialist for a recommendation for a suitable shampoo to remove or counter the brassiness.

Please consult with
your hairdresser or extension specialist for extension-safe sunscreens, and
always avoid products containing avobenzone.

If your hair
extensions do discolour, we recommend shampooing with a clarifying shampoo or
having a malibu treatment done by a professional.

Ensure that you are
using salon professional products on your hair. We recommend Davroe’s Moisture
Senses line or Repair Senses line. Ensure that you are using a moisturizing treatment
on your hair once per week, using clear oils or serums, and avoid using heat
more than twice per week to style your hair. We also recommend visiting your
stylist on a regular basis for trims to keep your natural hair healthy!  

Make sure that you are
regularly brushing your extensions with our Deluxe Paddle Brush which has been
specially designed to be safe for hair extensions. Section your hair, and brush
through gently after washing and drying, and at least once per day. This will
help prevent tangling of the extensions which can lead to matting or
dreadlocking. Hair extensions should be fully dried after washing, never go to
bed with wet extensions.

Application and Removal of Extensions

We strongly recommend that you have your extensions installed, maintained and removed by a hairdresser who is fully qualified in extension application techniques.
Enhance It by Charlie Greening accepts no liability for extensions that have been incorrectly installed.


We do! You will need to file atrade application, once approved, you will have access to the trade-only products and pricing, when logged into our site.

Unfortunately, trade products and pricing are only available to fully qualified hairdressers.